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Sunday, 10 March 2013
Moody girl all the time @ 18:43

Hey dude. How do you feel? Saying 'i love u' to me while youre having another relationship with other girl. Chill. Im just wanna know. Are ya happy doing this to me? Hella no, im not your second fckng choice alright.

But then as time went by, our memories still stuck in my mind. Probably i shoulda washed it. Tell me how to erase those memories. I dont hate those moments, im just dont wanna remember all those shits anymore (im sorry) But thats really help me to forget about you. Dont u think thats good?

Haip. Arent u even bother that my insides are crushed? Nahhh its ok. Cause i deserve all this pain. This is my fate. Do i really have to regret of meeting you? Do i? Nah, thank God cause i met a guy who have made me feel so special even if its a long time ago. I still feel it that way. Thanks buddy.

I think i dont have any problem if you dont wanna keep me as your girl anymore. Thats cool. You already have a girl right? Thats what we called it life. Nevermind. Im not going to commit suicide hahaha thats kinda funneh. Lol whut. Thats an understatement. But i wonder, all those sweet thinngs, our sweet memories, late night calls, movies, you call me sayang, i love u, i miss u, are they for fun?!!???!?!?! Are ya doing it for fun? Man you hella dont!

Dont you know that i loved you or were you not aware? You made me feel special, and suddenly you leave me hanging. Doesnt it even bothers you that its hurt? im not usually this way. Haihh im not sad or heartbroken, im just still think about you a little too much than i should.

Le madame

Nurfarina // 19 years young // Malaysia