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Sunday, 24 March 2013
Like whut? @ 17:20

Just because you dont tell me something, it doesnt mean that i wont find out the truth.

Saturday, 23 March 2013
Come on @ 17:51

Weh biarkan lah kalau aku dah tak jealous lagi ke apa ke. Biar lah. Ek eleh. Poyo je semua. Aku tak jealous ok. Faham tak aku ni tak jeles. Faham? Hahahaha apa lah masalah kawan-kawan aku ni. Tak habis2 tanya "Fyna betul ke kau tak jeles lagi?" "Asal tak jealous?" Its simply because i dont love him anymore okay hahahaha no no. Im kidding. Sayang ke tak sayang ke, tu rahsia gue. Hehehehe haih geram aku dgn kawan2 aku ni. Nak dilempang......sayang. Haih uols kalau risau pasal i, nanti kita g mana2 kita update uols ok. Muah!


Isnin ni nak start kerja dah. Tapi kenapa aku rasa macam tak sedap hati eh? I mean, dilemma. Rasa berbelah bahagi. Tak tahu nak kerja ke tak. Before ni, aku uruskan haikal. Nanti aku kerja, ibu buat sorang2? Haaaaa. Nanti ibu pergi pasar sorang2 takda orang teman. Tak sampai hati :( Haih Ya Allah. Berilah aku petunjukMu.

Friday, 22 March 2013
Alhamdulillah. @ 18:37

Alhamdulillah. Dah lega semuanya. Result dah dapat. Lega sangat!!!!! Alhamdulillah, redha dengan apa result yg aku dapat. Lepas ni tunggu offer mana2 Uni. In sha Allah apa apa pun rezeki terima je. Tapi kalau dapat UIA, nak sangat pergi!!!!!!! In sha Allah. Doakan ye kawan-kawan? Hehehe
Whatever it is, im still proud of SIGSians. We had done our best guys! Top5 in jb. So proud. Congratulations :) xoxo

Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Dedor @ 16:06

No fucking days left. Its tomorrow. Makin dedor weh. Doakan saya ya kawan-kawan? Semoga kita semua dapat result yang cemerlang. Amin :)

Saturday, 16 March 2013
Me @ 19:10

Thursday, 14 March 2013
Cramps @ 13:42

Having a girl's monthly problem is hard ya i tell you. No lie. For those guys who claim theyre really so understanding when we, girls, having this once-in-a-month attitude (when actually they dont), u guys really deserve our flying kick.

Normal. @ 13:34

I know i cry a lot for so many things, like sad movies or failed grades, abandoned dreams and songs that remind me of the past. Stupid things too, like you, and all the problems ive created for myself and both of us in my head. But lately, what ive been crying about most is myself, the person i used to be and lost, and the person in the present with no clue about her future. Haihh this is sad.

Heal maybe? @ 11:38

I wonder, am i happy? Or am i sad? Because i dont get that jealous feeling anymore. We gotta live our own life dude. This is for our own sake. Trust me. In sha Allah, i'll pray for your happiness. Dont worry cuz i still love you. Oh wait, do i still love you? Or i dont? Ah whaatever shit it is, i gotta move on. I hope youre happy and content with life. Pray for me too :)

Monday, 11 March 2013
A girl @ 11:22

You cant fix a broken heart, you just get used to it. Because my heart is just too broken to be fixed. And im just passing by each day waiting for someone new to accupy my mind. 
Do i really looks like a fragile girl? Nooooooooo im not! 

Sunday, 10 March 2013
Moody girl all the time @ 18:43

Hey dude. How do you feel? Saying 'i love u' to me while youre having another relationship with other girl. Chill. Im just wanna know. Are ya happy doing this to me? Hella no, im not your second fckng choice alright.

But then as time went by, our memories still stuck in my mind. Probably i shoulda washed it. Tell me how to erase those memories. I dont hate those moments, im just dont wanna remember all those shits anymore (im sorry) But thats really help me to forget about you. Dont u think thats good?

Haip. Arent u even bother that my insides are crushed? Nahhh its ok. Cause i deserve all this pain. This is my fate. Do i really have to regret of meeting you? Do i? Nah, thank God cause i met a guy who have made me feel so special even if its a long time ago. I still feel it that way. Thanks buddy.

I think i dont have any problem if you dont wanna keep me as your girl anymore. Thats cool. You already have a girl right? Thats what we called it life. Nevermind. Im not going to commit suicide hahaha thats kinda funneh. Lol whut. Thats an understatement. But i wonder, all those sweet thinngs, our sweet memories, late night calls, movies, you call me sayang, i love u, i miss u, are they for fun?!!???!?!?! Are ya doing it for fun? Man you hella dont!

Dont you know that i loved you or were you not aware? You made me feel special, and suddenly you leave me hanging. Doesnt it even bothers you that its hurt? im not usually this way. Haihh im not sad or heartbroken, im just still think about you a little too much than i should.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013
With God's help @ 12:51

I'm sorry i really miss you right now. Lately has been so empty and hollow for me. I've been crying and really, i just miss you. Ain't easy to be me. I love a guy who isn't mine. How you've been? i hope you're happy and doing just fine with life.

I'm just having my moments. Where i lay in my bed, turn my speaker on and think about love that we used to have and weep like a fragile girl i am. God, i just hate those moments.

The girl who stole your heart must be very cute. You probably think of her every night, thinking of how to get her to be yours, how to make her love you. I dont mind. Its the circle of life. its supposed to happen. Im just bother how fast its happening. How do you move on so fast? Dont you think of me when you think of her? Youre not supposed to be like that. Maybe its just another side of you that i didnt know.

Maybe its true and I have to accept the fact that teen love isn't going to last longer. I think its supposed to last but its not. Its not. I want to feel wanted, worthy and loveed. I just need someone cause im nothing than another lonely motherfucker.

I feel like a jerk for comparing myself with that cute girl. I hate myself for that. I shouldn't have done that, i'm an inconsiderate bitch man. Oh god, forgive me. I will never try to move on or forget about you. Its such a waste of energy cause i know nothing will ever mend my broken heart and i have to live with that.

I should stop thinking that you still care. I should start thinking about my life. About my future. Its not about who im going to be with. Its about what my future to be like, my studies..its just the matter of life. I have to make my parents proud of me. I want to be a successful woman that act like a girl but think like a lady. Im trying so hard to be successful in life. But still not forget of my duty as a muslim. O' Allah, i hope you give me the strenght to get through and passing by each day. Amin' Ya Rabbal Alamin.

Monday, 4 March 2013
7 am, 4 March 2013 @ 06:56

Haih kalau aku boleh nangis, aku nak nangis sepuas-puas hati aku. Tapi kalau aku boleh bersabar and keep strong, aku akan paksa diri aku supaya jangan nangis. And guess what, aku tak menangis pun skrg ni. Tapi aku sedih sangat2. Sedih dia tu mcm tak mampu nak menangis (aiceh) Tapi serious doh. Bangun pagi bukak laptop. Terus stalk (sebenarnya terstalk :p) and I get jealous. Fuck my life. I'm hurt. Oh, and I shouldn't be jealous anymore. I shouldn't miss us, miss you. I should teach myself for not trusting you anymore. I should. Go Farina. You're a big girl. Big girl don't cry. Farina can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 3 March 2013
3rd bloody March @ 15:46

Hello 3rd March. Whoever has a birthday on this day, i wish you guys a very happy birthday and may Allah bless you. Have a very wonderful birthday guys! But I'm so sorry. Today is my fucking bloody worst day for me. Like what.. Stop telling me the lies because i already knew the truth. I'm not mad. I'm not sad. (ok i lied too) But its okay. Everything happens for a reason and I believe in Qada' and Qadar Allah. So, can I rest now? I'm tired. I want to sleep for a few hours. Dude, I love you ok. But trust me, I am so gonna unlove you soon. Bye xoxo

Friday, 1 March 2013
Hello March @ 15:54

Hello March. What's up? Tbh, I'm not excited at all of meeting you. Whuuuut? I'm talking the truth. Our SPM results will be out on this freaking March (based on rumours). Damn hell I'm not ready for god's sake. So, my last words............. 

Le madame

Nurfarina // 19 years young // Malaysia