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Thursday, 27 December 2012
uh @ 00:29

I'm jealous. Like damn faking jealous. Ugh f my life. I'm jealous whenever he talks to other girls. I know I have no right nak halang dia cakap dengan sesiapa. And I know I shouldn't be jealous. Bila ada rasa jealous je cepat2 I think about us. I don't wanna make things become worse and that's why I didn't tell him about this. I hope he'll understand. 

Dear Ahmad Hafeez, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry for having this bloody unsaid feelings. It is your own freakin' right to talk to whoever you want. And I won't stop you from talking to them. If you read this, please don't let me know that I know about it. I hope you understand. Good night. 

Le madame

Nurfarina // 19 years young // Malaysia